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Valentina Ghinaglia

Group Quality Director

Valentina Ghinaglia

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When did you join the Group and what do you do in Prysmian?

I started in Prysmian (at the time still Pirelli) in 2003 in Spain, as a time and method analyst. Now I’m the Group Quality director.

What are the key features of your role?

As manager of the Quality department, I’m involved in all the quality activities within the Group (quality management system, product quality, supplier quality, continuous improvement, etc.).

We are an HQ function based in Milan but our fundamental job is to deal with all the countries and BUs within the Prysmian Group. This means that our working environment is extremely international.

How have you developed in your role?

With respect to previous roles, this position has given me the chance to enhance my managerial skills, to share strategies for achieving targets and to help people develop their potential, which is the most exciting part for me.

What is the best thing about your job?

Dealing with people, having the opportunity to help the Group improve its performance and to prevent problems from arising. Creating the most effective environment for the Quality Community to grow and be the catalyzer of improvement projects within the factories. Spreading a Quality mindset within the Prysmian Group.

What has been your most rewarding project so far?

No particular individual project comes to mind. The way I work is to shape piece by piece the result I want to achieve, so rather than one big reward, there are of a number of small ones that have brought me to where I am.

What is the international environment like?

Our department works constantly with all our affiliates around the world, so we need to have a strong international mindset.

It’s not always easy, but it’s essential to have an open-minded approach and to understand other cultures’ viewpoint when working with them.

Our Group is well prepared to manage such an international environment. In order to spread this mentality among more and more colleagues, we use every opportunity we have to share experiences and approaches.

Why would you recommend Prysmian to a young professional?

I think that Prysmian is a strong company, with proven and long-lasting results. For a young professional with curiosity, proactiveness and passion, Prysmian represents an opportunity to grow in an international environment, with virtually endless possibilities to develop his/her career. If you fit this description, then Prysmian is the company for you.

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